Four Weeks Before Your Moving house

  • Notify creditors, magazines, and book and record clubs of your new house address.
  • Contact doctors and dentists for your family’s medical records.
  • Ask your doctors for colleague recommendations in your new area.
  • Get copies of renewable prescriptions.
  • Decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity. (Consider having a garage sale.)
  • Complete a home inventory listing each possession, date purchased and value.
  • Notify your local authorities (water, gas, electricity) to have your service turned off after your departure.Contact utilities at your new house for connections.
  • Notify your children’s schools, your church, clubs and any other organisations or company’s of your impending move.

Three Weeks Before Your Moving house

  • Decide which items you will pack, and request delivery of packing materials from Gillen Removals & moving services
  • Sketch out the floor plan of your new house to determine placement of furnishings.
  • Make a list of names, addresses and numbers you will need or want to remember.
  • Pack your local phone book and Golden Pages so you can contact businesses and local companies after your move.
  • Notify First Choice Removals if you have changed anything about your move; household goods, destination, dates of the move and so on or any other changes that may effect the moving companies services.
  • We can also facilitate short term storage services – contact our Storage & Moving office on 087 2685685 to arrange short term storage service during your house move.
  • Transfer contents of safety deposit box.
  • Check house insurance policies to see if moving is covered.
  • Contact your insurance company to transfer insurance to cover fire, theft and personal property at your new home.

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Plan your trip to your new destination. (Make travel accommodations, and if driving, have your car serviced.)
  • Return borrowed things, and collect things you’ve loaned.
  • Make arrangements for servicing your appliances both at your current house and your new home.
  • Dispose of flammables such as petrol, matches, cleaning fluids, bleach, pressurised or aerosol cans.
  • Discontinue regular services such as newspaper, window cleaning, etc.
  • If moving your TV aerial or satellite dish, make arrangements to have it taken down.

One Week Before Your Move

  • Transfer bank and savings accounts so you do not lose interest.
  • Make arrangements to discontinue your local telephone service. (Your local telephone company can help you establish phone service at your new home.)
  • Determine which items you’re taking with you. If doing your own packing, pack these items and set aside in a designated area
  • Have rugs and curtains cleaned. (Keep in protective bags.)
  • Drain any fuel from lawnmowers and other power equipment.
  • Pack and empty your loft/sheds.

Day of Move

  • Disconnect your cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, Disconnect any light fittings.
  • Make sure plants are drained of excess water.
  • Be on hand when the First Choice Removals driver arrives and throughout the loading process.
  • Accompany the First Choice Removals relocation movers driver during inventory. Check on the condition of your goods as they are loaded.
  • Make a final tour of your home. See that nothing is overlooked.
  • Lock all windows and doors, and turn off all switches.
  • It is a good idea to arrange for a friend to have the children if possible.
  • Either take your pets to kennels, a friends, or ensure they are in a locked room during the removal.
  • Jewellery and cash are not taken by your home movers & should be moved by you and are your responsibility.