Ideally, make arrangements for your pet/pets to stay with a friend, relative or neighbour. Make sure this is someone that they feel comfortable with during the move, as they may be upset by strange people coming into their house to do the removal. They will also be safer. If they stay with you in the house, there is a chance they may be able to escape as doors are likely to be left open. You will also be able to concentrate on the stressful business of moving house without the added worry of looking after your dog or cat. If you do not have any friends or family that can look after him then consider booking him into a boarding kennel for the night.

Cats and Dogs become very attached to their own familiar territory, so you will need to give them extra care and attention before and during the removal.

Have a tag made with your name, new phone number (and mobile phone number if possible) so that it is ready to put onto his/her collar for the day of the move. If they escape during the move or immediately after, this will increase their chances of getting back to you. Try to avoid putting the animal’s name on the tag as anyone who finds them and wants to keep them will find it easier to bond with your animal.

If you are planning to move a long distance away and your dog or cat suffers from travel sickness or severe anxiety in the car, talk to your vet about medication to make the journey less stressful for them.